Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day 2 as a Vegan - well kinda

So Day 2 I actually went shopping so I can eat something other than veggie burgers and fruit.  Again not a bad day but I wasn't as disciplined as I was on day 1.  In the grocery store they had lots of vegan options such as waffles, cheese, bread and ice cream and other goodies.  This life isn't too bad. 

Here's what I ate:

I kninda skipped breakfast (not good but I just wasn't hungry)
Lunch - Veggie burger on bagel halfs and sautéed spinich
Snack - non-dairy smoothie & olives (I love olives)
Dinner - Vegan styled teriyaki sauce veggie and noodles
Late night snack - I had pop corn and lots of it. Not so good plus it had butter.  But that's ok I will do better next time should have got the kettle corn instead.

I had about 2 cups of tea and my favorite - V8's pomegranate and blueberry juice.

LESSON LEARNED:  You should not neglect drinking your water.  I slacked on it because I thought eating healthy will compensate. I don't love water but it's very necessary for me to keep things moving - if you know what I mean. TMI, sorry I'm honest. I also learned that you're not safe from making bad food choices anywhere - not even Block Busters.. ***sigh*** Also be wear of gluten free, they put it with the vegan food so you may assume it's ok.  Me and hubby read EVERY label before we put it in the cart,

HOW I FEEL:  I feel VERY energetic!!  I usually feel sluggish and still sleepy in the mornings when I get up but here lately I noticed I don't have that feeling.

Thanks for following me on my journey..

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