Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 1 of Veganism lost 2 lbs already

Hello All,

My name is Keisha and I'm a makeup artist ( and me and my daughter (Chae) decided to go vegan for 1 week. In case some don't know, Vegan food is food that is plant based nothing from an animal at all.  After watching Oprah and she and some of her staff did it we thought this would be good.  Well I completed my first day yesterday and it was not bad at all.  They have several vegan options now making it much, much easier.  Our reason of doing this is to be healthier and loosing weight is a great bi-product.  So I figured we will chronicle our quest to be vegan and maybe we can help others. Chae will blog about her experience too so you can see how a teenager feels about it.

Also we are doing it a little different because we also saw Tyra so I want to make sure I'm making good choices and only eat a carb with one meal because you can actually gain weight on the vegan diet.

So here's what I ate on day one:

Breakfast - Orange
Lunch - Veggie sandwich from Subway on Wheat (I'm praying it was Vegan wheat bread), tomatoes, black olive and sweet onion sauce (No Cheese or Mayo).
Snack - split a fry with my 2 year old
Dinner - Vegan burger and chopped up Veggies

I lost 2 lbs already!!  not bad

LESSON LEARNED:  it's pretty common sense and what everyone says when starting a new diet or lifestyle, I should have prepared for it and bought the food before hand.

HOW I FEEL: I feel really, really good because I am doing something good for my body and I actually just feel good over all - good energy.

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